Business partners


CIMC Offshore Ltd. with their subsidiary Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore Ltd. (YCRO) offshore yard, have the EPC contract with OIM Pte. Ltd. for the construction of the units.

Engineering is executed at CIMC Engineering office in Yantai, China, and partly in Bass Tech AB offices in Gothenburg, Sweden


Bass Tech AB, a Gothenburg, Sweden based engineering company and a subsidiary of CIMC Offshore Ltd. have been involved in the Basic Engineering of the Units.


Dwellop AS, a Stavanger, Norway based EPm company is the designer and supplier of the complete Workover Rig including the Cantilever and all drilling systems.

Dwellop has over the last decades developed and delivered a wide range of well intervention products and systems to top tier services and oil companies. These products and systems are providing added value for well intervention operations globally.  Their products and systems are a result of in-house design and engineering and close dialog with customers in order to provide tools for safer and more cost-effective operations.


Huisman BV, a Schiedam, Netherlands base company, is a world recognized Crane Company established in 1929.
Huisman BV will supply the OMC 2200 Heavy Lift Crane from their facilities in Zhangzhou, China


Markhus Flexmodul AS, a Grimstad, Norway, an EPm offshore architect firm, jointly with their partner North Sea Offshore Ltd. have the architect responsibilities for the Living Quarters and all common areas as a subcontract with YCRO.


North Sea Offshore Ltd. Is a Yantai, China based offshore and maritime architect and outfitting company. NSO will jointly with Markhus Flexmodul AS be responsible for the articular work in the Living Quarters and Common areas as a subcontract to YCRO.

Furthermore, NSO will supply the Helideck for the unit, the largest helideck ever installed on a Jack-Up and most platforms in the world. The Helideck will have a DHv 28.5 m to accommodate the new Royal Norwegian Airforce “AW 101 SAR” helicopters.



OSM Offshore Management AS will have the operational marine management and owner of the Acknowledge of Compliance (AoC) for the Norwegian Continental Shelf as well as the Safety Case for the UK Continental Shelf as well as for any other location as applicable.

OSM Offshore Management AS has their operational HQ in Arendal, Norway. OSM have an extensive Offshore and Marine asset operational and crewing track records in the North Sea as well as key Offshore industry areas such as West Africa and Brazil.


Archer AS will be responsible for the Cantilever operations and will under OSM Offshore be responsible for all Well related work from the Unit.

Archer Well is a global oil services company with a Norwegian heritage that stretches back over 40 years. Archer operates in 40 locations over 19 countries with over 4,700 employees.

Archer AS specializes in drilling well integrity, well intervention and P&A, with over 150 wells P&A in last 5 years